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Concrete Cleaning Auckland

Residential and commercial concrete cleaning services

If your concrete driveway on your residential or commercial property is starting to look shabby and covered in moss and grime, then it’s time to get it professionally cleaned. Our expert concrete cleaning services will remove contaminants including oil and grease from driveways, paths, walkways and parking areas.

Our concrete cleaning process

We use a unique combination of specially formulated detergents and washing techniques to restore the appearance of all types of concrete and asphalt surfaces. All our cleaning products are biodegradable so they’re safe to use around your whole family including your pets.

Concrete maintenance

Making sure your concrete surfaces are well maintained is important, not only to improve the overall appearance of your property, but also to prevent the surfaces from becoming slippery and a potential safety hazard. The build-up of moss and algae, oil spillage from cars on driveways, and general grime and dirt that accumulates over time can make concrete surfaces dangerous to walk and drive on.

Concrete cleaning products

Our advanced cleaning process entails the use of biodegradable detergents and a low-pressure, hot water process that combines a fan and rotary water application technique. It’s guaranteed to get rid of all surface contaminants, and the application in most cases of a mould inhibitor will provide future protection and a slip-free surface to walk on.

Auckland wide concrete cleaning

We offer one-off and ongoing concrete cleaning services to a wide range of residential and commercial property owners including the cleaning of driveways, paths, walkways, brick pavers, patios and more. Request a free quote today.

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